Thursday, August 14, 2014

bird feeders

Hi all,
I know its been a long time but we're still in business we decided as our next project we would make environmentally friendly bird feeders. So Grace and I called the bird sanctuary a few days ago they said that the charity group and I could have a tour. But they said that the land around the sanctuary wasn't there's it was the government's and that we would have to call them. So we called the NCC they said that we would have to e-mail them and they'd get back to us. So we e-mailed them and they just got back to me. The charity group will not be hanging bird feeders at the bird sanctuary because the government does not encourage feeding wild animals. Although its sad that we will not be hanging bird feeders at the sanctuary we under stand the precautions the government is making and we respect them. But we will be hanging bird feeders in our back yards and having a tour of the sanctuary. We will also start making videos of us making the feeders and hanging them so others can have a chance to learn to make bird feeders and keep our birds well fed. We will be starting a youtube channel sometime soon although we haven't yet made the channel we already have a few ideas if you have any ideas for videos on how to make our world a better place feel free to write them bellow this message. If its okay send in your name and we'll add it in the video.
                                                                 thanks for reading,

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