Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Special Birthday Wishes

This blog entry is talking about the article I wrote for the Kanata Kourier newspaper. You might be saying "It's about the Charity Group." Well I have to disappoint you, it's about birthdays.  Instead of birthday presents from your friends I want to encourage you to ask them for donations it could be food or money or anything really.  I have already been doing it for several years.  I quoted " Imagine 10 different kids invite 10 kids to the birthday party each kid donates 10$ we would end up with 1000$ going to charity."  I think that would be AWSOME! but what if more then 10 kids do it we might end up with 1,000,000$ going to charity.  So if you help a charity please comment below and tell me how much you raised, how many people were at the party, what charity you helped and of course your name. And at the end of the year when everyone has had a birthday the charity group and I will write an article about everyone who donated.

           Thanks for listening Jasmine :)

PS If you want to post about your birthday click the add a comment button bellow this article.

These are pictures of me and my friends, who also happen to be members of the charity group at my last birthday collecting food for the food bank.