Monday, July 23, 2012

Up and Running

Hello to the Charity Group members and any other kids or adults who are checking this page out.  Yes, it is true, this lovely little group started only with 2 little girls who wanted to do something to help others.  They came up with the idea, wrote a little speech and convinced some of their other neighborhood friends to join the cause.

Our first outing was collecting garbage through Cattail Creek.  And collect garbage they did... 4 bags worth in fact!  Who knew collecting garbage could be so much fun.  After doing that we do seem to notice everywhere we go if it is clean or dirty.  I noticed behind the swimming pool is especially dirty while I was waiting for the kids' swimming lessons to be over - maybe we will have to do there next or write the staff a letter, so they think to clean it every week or so?

Now we are on to even bigger things and that is a cure for Cancer.  We know we can't cure it, although right now that is what my daughter hopes to do when she is older... make cures for sick people.  We hope to raise some money and provide some awareness about how to prevent Cancer.  At our last meeting we decided to hold a Carnival of sorts.  3 coupons for $5 with all money going to charity.  Right now we are making posters, planning puppet shows, buying water balloons, and baking goodies to sell.  It should be fun.

We hope if you live in our neighborhood of Brodeur/Beaufort in Kanata, Ontario, Canada, that you will come to the carnival later in August.  And we hope, if you don't live here that we inspire you to start your own charity group.  Please comment if you start a group and share with us what you are doing.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Welcome to the charity group blog, we got started by 2 girls who asked other kids they knew from the neighborhood to join the charity group with a piece of paper that is also known as a 'sign up sheet'. 13 people wished to join this worthy cause and now we are:
The Charity Group!
We have cleaned garbage from a creek and plan to raise money for cancer (the FUN way).

This is how to create your own group: first make a sign up sheet with information on it then ask people to sign, once you got a fair amount of people you can plan a meeting. Have FUN helping charity's with your friends.

There's some information about the charity group! Thanks for visiting the blog!