Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wow, it's amazing how much can change in a week.  Last week at this time, we were busy planning the carnival   Pam and I were baking like crazy people and the kids were planning the last minute details on their activities.  Jasmine was printing tarot cards and memorizing fortunes, Scott was hunting for bowls and making rules for the soak station, Josh was filling balloons with prize tickets which was surprisingly tough, Matthew was getting a float for the raffle tickets and Devin was checking the baking to make sure it wasn't poisoned, Jay was using the air compressor to blow up about 40 balloons and Pam and Kevin were cleaning their garage from top to bottom to ensure success.  AND success it was!  It really seemed to me that people who came had a good time.  Not only did they have fun, but they were happy to spend their money and give to a great cause.

We were very fortunate to have some media representation attend our big day and the Canadian Dad wrote a very touching piece on his blog.  Pam, Jasmine and I all read and responded to the comments.  If you haven't read the comments, you should because you know what team, we really did inspire some other people to get active and start helping, so that is very cool.  We also had Blair from the newspaper come and we were published, not only published, but we made the front page and had a whole other page dedicated to our story.  That was an amazing feeling and think about how many other kids will see that and wonder what they could do to make the world a better place?

Tomorrow we go to the Cancer Society to drop off the cheque and it seems they too want to interview some of us to get a story for their newsletter or website.

Obviously, all this attention is not going to our head, ha, ha!  It feels good to be recognized for doing something special and we all need to stand back and realize we were just part of something truly inspiring.

I can't wait to see what you guys decide to do next.  Who is hosting the next meeting?  Let's aim for later in September once school has been in for a couple of weeks, so we know how much homework we all have.  I don't think any of you are in my class, so I'll have to see you at the Charity Group meetings.

Bye for now and thanks for all your hard work and effort.  $844 dollars worth!  WOO, HOO!

From the Great Jasminini

Hi its the great Jasminini one of the Charity group founders.  After the carnavil we got more donations.  And now were over 800$ for cancer.  The carnavil was a big hit.  I hope to see other people changing the world as well.   

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Charity's Carnival

Hello all,

if you know about the carnival already, that's great. If you're somebody who stumbled upon us through google, that's okay too. This is just a little story on what we did to prepare for the day of the carnival.

It was the meeting we had after cleaning the creek (see the other posts). We came up with the idea of the carnival where we'd raise money for cancer. We all came up with jobs (a lot you'd see at normal little carnivals) and set to work (though that was to do at another meeting). After a little mix-up.

At the meeting we set to work on the poster we'd put on the end of the road for people to see. In about 2 hours or so, we were finished great posters (with the help of dancing and music/singing) then also made a digital online one (I'll put it at the end).

The latest one (the same week of the carnival) we made posters for each station. They were very good and all fantastic if I do say so myself (mine was very awesome). And now we're mostly set for the carnival.

So with all that hard work and dedication, we made it to this point. But this is just my thinking:

Let's not do something this big (pun intended) anytime soon!