Sunday, September 30, 2012

Forces of Nature

Hello everyone!

This weekend (29-30) we had yet another pollution cleaning challenge for 'Cleaning the Capitol'. The area we chose was the forest of Katimavik E.S. We had a very succesful run of cleaning the forest with having 4-5 garbage bags, 1 third of a recycling bin and 2 boxes worth of broken glass.

Cleaning the forest took about 1 hour to cover about 2 thirds of the forest area and found a couple of things you might not find! You'd be surprised about the glass because it seems like once the drink they smash the glass bottles and just repeatedly do it in different areas because I found 2 bottoms of beer bottles, not a fun thing!

Before I move on to the aftermath, I just want to say good job to everyone who came out and picked up garbage!

Now, once we were done with the garbage, we had a group picture with the wheel-barrow of garbagness. Here's the picture for anyone who's curious.

You can count how many bags there are and correct me if you're that inclined in proving someone wrong today! As we moved on we had a snack that was almost to good to be true but it's a snack well deserved.
And if you want a closer look on the garbage. If you don't want to look at the pictures, just skip ahead.

 Of course, the Nestle was from the snacks but, it's still an achievement that we recycled it, not tossed into the forest!
Prove me wrong!

See the beer? My point exactly.

All in all, it was a successful day and it's not easy doing this! It's devotion and hard work that gets us here, not fun and games (except for the carnival day). And thanks for turning up everyone!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 7, 2012

stand up to cancer (SU2C)

Hey everyone,
We were just watching some TV and see that there is a big American fundraising campaign on several channels tonight. Stand up to Cancer - funds go to research in preventing, battling and surviving cancer.
I tried to make a donation via the phone, so I could say, we had a fundraiser up here in Canada at the end of August and wish them all the success they could imagine.  As it turns out, the line was busy for like half an hour - I guess lots of people were trying to donate via the phone.  I ended making an on-line donation, but there was not place to add a comment - unless I was on the twitter universe.

So the point is, great job kids and see who else is fundraising for cancer and trying to remove it from our society.

Pamela Dixon

Monday, September 3, 2012

First meeting in July

Our first meeting was at the beginning of July at Quirk's house.  We decided on our first activity/event, took attendance, explained the Charity Group a bit better and the leader for the next meeting was chosen.  Our first activity was to pick up garbage in Cat Tail Creek.  We started by my house (Grace's) and went all the way to the "boat park".  (*Pamela here, we cleaned about 600 metres of the creek).

 It was fun and we collected four full garbage bags.  We found lots of things, even tiles and tire pieces?!!!  When we were finished we had a great snack and drink (*Hands were sanitized before eating and drinking).  We ended the evening with a cheer - "Go Charity Group!"