Saturday, December 1, 2012

Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge


Scottybob here and as you may have seen, the others have shown you a little thing about CCWR. But I'm gonna tell you about our journey at CCWR!

So, when you get there the first thing you'll probably notice the alpacas. Yes, alpacas. When you get into the main animal part, you'll notice some pot-belly pigs which are actually pretty awesome because they had tusks! Small tusks, but tusks.
 This is one of the pigs, can't remember which is which... or their names. But if you look by it's mouth you'll see the tusks. I'M NOT CRAZY!

Moving on. There are 3 alpacas, which names I also can't remember! But you would be allowed to feed them (as long as you weren't in the pen) and when I di, I laughed because they would lick your hand and it kinda tickled...

But of course, I have to mention that there was HORSES! And ponies too. And if you got close enough, you could pet the ponies! But I don't think we have a picture of the ponies so lets just talk about the next part.

In the next part there was a barn with goats with straight horns, curly horns, long horns and short horns. And of course, you could pet them! But also among the goats were big HORSES AND DONKEYS! Of course, I enjoyed petting the donkeys and I bet that somebody also wanted to have a pet goat. Maybe. Put of course, since the animals got to roam in the open, you had to wear rubber boots or your least favourite shoes, because there was poop everywhere. If you visit, fair warning... WATCH YOUR STEP!

So how do they manage to feed the animals and take care of them? Well, they would go out for an hour and a half drive there and back, buy 250$ worth of hay and head back for another hour and a half! If you don't know how much hay it is...

And that's only the front side! Just saying, that only lasts for about a week. So put it together: 3 hours of driving, about 800$ a month and they go through all that hay in a week! So now you do the math, how much do they spend a year, I'll get you started 800x12=?... HAVE FUN!

So I would say that going there was pretty successful  Now, if you'd like to help out, you can donate things or stuff but that's not my job to tell! To kind of close this off, I want to leave you with a picture...

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  1. Nice job Scottybob! I love that picture of the goat with all the supplies at the end.


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