Saturday, November 3, 2012

Milk Bag Project

Great meeting today Charity Group.  Here are some photos and additional information on The Milk Bag Project. (Using milk bags to make sleeping mats for those with no beds in places like Haiti)  Here are Leanne and Devin doing the first step, which is folding the milk bag into eighths on the long side. 
The next step is to cut both ends of the milk bag off and then cut what is left into 1 inch pieces. Here we have Pam and the Kormylo Kids (Jackie, David and Kelly) cutting the bags.

See our pile of cut milk bag pieces:

Next we take the pieces and open them up and loop them together.  We keep adding loops until we have about 100 of them strung together.  Then we place them all into a milk bag with one end sticking out so the crocheters can find the starting spot.  Here we have Quinn, Jacintha and Jackson looping together the plarn (plastic yarn)

Check out this link to access the local information.  It includes times of upcoming workshops and many more links on where the mats go and how to make the mats and this link has a video tutorial that shows the crocheting (although they use a different method for making the plarn first).

Thanks for a super meeting today and for all the help on the Milk Bags.  If you finish making your plarn, you can deliver it to our house or give it to me at school  if you are not going to try crocheting a mat yourself :)


  1. This makes me feel bad missing it for hockey... but you guys seemed to do a good job either way!


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