Monday, September 3, 2012

First meeting in July

Our first meeting was at the beginning of July at Quirk's house.  We decided on our first activity/event, took attendance, explained the Charity Group a bit better and the leader for the next meeting was chosen.  Our first activity was to pick up garbage in Cat Tail Creek.  We started by my house (Grace's) and went all the way to the "boat park".  (*Pamela here, we cleaned about 600 metres of the creek).

 It was fun and we collected four full garbage bags.  We found lots of things, even tiles and tire pieces?!!!  When we were finished we had a great snack and drink (*Hands were sanitized before eating and drinking).  We ended the evening with a cheer - "Go Charity Group!"

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  1. Nice post Grace! Was it your first blog post EVER? I liked all the pictures, I hadn't see most of those. I received an email today about Cleaning the Capitol, maybe we should do some more cleaning?


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