Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Charity's Carnival

Hello all,

if you know about the carnival already, that's great. If you're somebody who stumbled upon us through google, that's okay too. This is just a little story on what we did to prepare for the day of the carnival.

It was the meeting we had after cleaning the creek (see the other posts). We came up with the idea of the carnival where we'd raise money for cancer. We all came up with jobs (a lot you'd see at normal little carnivals) and set to work (though that was to do at another meeting). After a little mix-up.

At the meeting we set to work on the poster we'd put on the end of the road for people to see. In about 2 hours or so, we were finished great posters (with the help of dancing and music/singing) then also made a digital online one (I'll put it at the end).

The latest one (the same week of the carnival) we made posters for each station. They were very good and all fantastic if I do say so myself (mine was very awesome). And now we're mostly set for the carnival.

So with all that hard work and dedication, we made it to this point. But this is just my thinking:

Let's not do something this big (pun intended) anytime soon!



  1. I had a great time at the carnival guys! I think it's really cool that you are all doing this and can't wait for the next event. You'll have to let me know in advance next time so I can write about it from the beginning. I'll let you know when my story about the carnival is up. Thanks again!


  2. Hey guys, me again! I finished writing about your event and can't wait to see what you have planned next! Here is the link:

    Again, great work on the carnival, my kids loved it!


    1. Just read and commented on your post - thanks so much for the kind words. I am curious what we will be doing next, too. You just never know what they will decide on when they get brainstorming ideas :)

  3. Just read about your wonderful group in the Kanata Courier - friends, you are truly inspirational and I know you will go on to even more success! What a way to use your summer.. I salute you!

  4. Wow, fundraising is challenging --> I read about you in the Kanata Kourier and was so inspired! Kids like you will change the world and make it a better place.

    I'd love for you to visit the Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge farm animal sanctuary sometime. We could brainstorm about fundraising and visit all the animals.



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