Friday, July 20, 2012


Welcome to the charity group blog, we got started by 2 girls who asked other kids they knew from the neighborhood to join the charity group with a piece of paper that is also known as a 'sign up sheet'. 13 people wished to join this worthy cause and now we are:
The Charity Group!
We have cleaned garbage from a creek and plan to raise money for cancer (the FUN way).

This is how to create your own group: first make a sign up sheet with information on it then ask people to sign, once you got a fair amount of people you can plan a meeting. Have FUN helping charity's with your friends.

There's some information about the charity group! Thanks for visiting the blog!

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  1. Awesome!!!! Jazz!! I remember way back when we started this, and now a few meetings later and we have our first video on Youtube!!!


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